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CM4 is now Silk!

The Juicy Details

Big news! CM4 has consolidated into Silk. Who’s Silk? Well, Silk is a brand that we launched in 2014, and have run it in parallel to CM4 the past 3 years. While we are proud of what each brand has done independently, they will be even stronger under one newly created Silk identity. This new Silk brand takes a refreshingly bizarre look at making what we like to call "Smartish Products."

What’s this mean for the Q Card Case? Don't worry, the Q Card Case that you know and love will continue on as part of the Silk family. Same great case, just a sweet new logo. Even better, we’re able to drop the price of the Q Card Case to $24.99 under the Silk brand. (Finally, reading a blog post pays off!)

Have a look around the Silk website here to see our complete range of smartish products. And keep up with us online as we'll keep you mildly entertained with quips and and just enough light-hearted sarcasm to give you a welcomed offbeat break in your day. Find us on the Facebooks ( and Instagram (

We truly appreciate your continued support for CM4 these past 8 years. Together we enter a new era as Silk with a plethora of Smartish Products!